I am a lover of sports I like very much parcticar the bascket and go to the gym, I like dancing and going to concerts music me away from loneliness, I like reading books I am a very romantic man but I have a great addiction to sex is one of my hobbie

My expertise

i feel comfortable showing my body, biting, kissing, licking and penetrating, my smile and my body will give you pleasure i am professional in aduna agency come and let me give you all my merchandise

What is turn me on

Sexual fantasies like: doing it in a plane, in the sea, or on a beach and that I feel observed. Generating desire to whoever manages to see me. I am a complacent man, like me have fun giving caresses and kisses, I love being who dominates the situation

  • Age: 20
  • Ethnicity: native american
  • Language: en,es,it
  • Bust size:
  • Body type: athletic
  • Sexual pref: bisexual
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